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I found these pictures while poking around on my laptop for an old template I need for work and realized I’d never posted them. Judging by the relatively leafy trees and bare legs, I’m guessing September. Its weird to still be posting pictures of myself with long hair, and as much as I love my current bob, I think I’m going to grow it out. Or cut it shorter into a A-line style.  But probably definitely grow it out. Maybe.


What else is new? The job front has been keeping me busy. I did end up quitting my bartending job in December and was lucky to be offered another short term contract position with a company I love. The same company has also offered me a position with them full-time, starting in March. I’d get to continue mostly working from home except for weekly client meetings, and there would be flexibility with setting my hours. I’ve known the person who would be my manager for four or five years and they are someone that I respect and I know I would enjoy reporting to and collaborating with. The position is one base year and up to four additional years. There is job security, and I believe I’d truly like my work. However, they’re a third-tier sub for the contract, meaning that if company A is paying $100 for my position, and contract with company B, who is paying $80 for my position, and they contract with company C, who is paying $60 for my position – a lot of people are profiting off my work, but I’m left with an insultingly low salary. I know for a fact that its lower than this company was paying new employees back in 2008 when I first started working with them – and I now have significantly more experience, a college degree, and quite a few career-related Masters courses on my resume.

If I were willing to commute to DC every day, I could easily find a job making 30-40% more money. Yet, that comes with the potential for a less flexible job, and unknown clients, co-workers and managers – I might not enjoy the work or the people with whom I’d need to produce deliverables. And what a first world luxury of a problem – loving a job. But its important to me! I can’t shut my mind off at 5pm – I carry all of my emotions and stresses and concerns with me constantly – so I’d rather have as few as possible 😉

So whats the right answer? A job that I’ll enjoy, but won’t feel truly appreciated, and will make a lot less  money? Or taking a job with a much higher salary, and an uncertain work experience? I have an interview this morning with a company that I hope might be a solution somewhere in the middle. Fingers crossed.


I’ve also been relatively healthy lately. I know. The girl who hates vegetables and sweating. I’m turning 30 next month and my body is catching up. Its little things – like seeing a picture of my hand with my rings on my wedding day, and noticing how much my hands have aged in five years. Or how I just can’t eat crappy food and not have it affect me lately. I’m not fat – but I don’t look as awesome naked as I used to. Several health issues in the last year with my heart and thyroid made it clear that I needed to get my act together, but I’m weak – I have no willpower to follow a strict diet or exercise plan, so I made baby changes and keep incorporating them more. And its working – which is amazing.

First change, more water. I bought two cute 32oz thermoses at Target, and keep them next to me at all times. I’m a Diet Coke addict (like, 6+ a day) so keeping water nearby has me reaching for that first, and I’ve been able to go through 2-3 a day – and my Diet Coke intake has dropped to 2-3.

Second change, more sleep. Which also ties into less beer. Tyler and I got in the habit of settling Guinevere into bed and coming downstairs and watching a movie or a few TV shows and having a few beers. We rarely got to bed before midnight – I was tired in the morning, and had way more calories from beer than I needed. Quitting drinking means we are ready for bed sooner and are now heading up around 10:30.

Third change, not going out to eat and a better diet. Diet is a tough one for me because I really hate cooking. And cleaning my kitchen after cooking. We would go out to eat or order in probably 4-6 times a week. So embarrassing. So much junk. Such a waste of money. We’ve quit that, and are cooking in the evenings. We’re eating clean-ish – I’m not sure what that means exactly, but its not frozen pizza. We’re grilling and baking and eating veggies and greek yogurt and flaxseed and crap like that. And some of it is dang delicious.

Fourth change, lifting weights. We have a pretty legit gym in the basement, and Tyler has been teaching me/helping me lift. I was in tears the first day when I discovered I could not do ONE correct push up. A push up! So we’ve been alternating areas, and while I’m still miserable sore three days later from Leg Day, I’m finding I actually enjoy this, infinitely more than I ever liked doing cardio. Which I’ll probably introduce soon as well, but we’re doing babysteps here. I’m not looking for a fad diet to drop weight – I want to get healthier and stronger. So far, I’m pretty freaking proud of myself. And I took “before” pictures, so hopefully won’t be too long before I can show some progress.


Jacket: J.Crew | Boots: Tory Burch | Bag: Modcloth | Blouse: Tucker for Target | Skirt: H&M

Since I’ve had a little bit of free time lately, I’m in major “clean out my house” mode. Which means parting with all of Guinevere’s precious clothes that no longer fit. The last friend that I’d hoped would have a girl is having a boy, so now its time to purge. I have a tab at the top called “Shop Guinevere’s Closet”, or you can click here. I have a few more things to add, so check back for more. I also think she’s about to have a major growth spurt, so her 13 pairs of adorable size 5 shoes will need to be listed soon. Sob. How do they grow up so fast?!

PicMonkey Collage

I also find myself only really reading blogs that I follow on Facebook. Do you have a blog Facebook page? Pretty please leave the link in a comment so I can Like it. I’m so far behind on reading, and that is my favorite way to catch up on posts!


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    Congrats on all the great changes!!! It is hard to make changes and even harder to stick with them. You should be very proud of yourself.

    If you are ever interested in trying a boot camp style class, I go to a great one in Chantilly and can bring you for a free class. It’s tough and you will be sore, but it burns a ton of calories and I actually think it’s fun. Because I am a weirdo :)

  2. says

    Oh the torn feeling – freedom and family, versus more money but the unknown. It’s something I struggle with daily! Things always seem to work themselves out, so hopefully today’s interview is the answer! Congrats on being healthy. It’s the little changes that add up to big changes! I’ve been working on it in the new year as well!

    My facebook page for my blog is

    Have a great weekend!

  3. says

    I turned 36 not long ago and I totally get the aging thing… A lot of people tell me I look really young for my age and I still get carded, but I can def. tell. I do need to work on drinking more water, too.. I run but I need to do more for my upper body.
    I would love for you to follow my FB page, here it is:
    Carrie A. recently posted…Great Wolf Lodge – Day 2. Also, Legoland and Fritz’s Railroad RestaurantMy Profile

  4. says

    I am pretty sure we are twins! We are doing the same thing around here with the healthy-ish decisions! Less beer, more water…you know, the important stuff! I couldn’t do a proper pushup either:( And being married to an army man, he puts me to shame! But we started P90x3 and it’s 30 min a day and let me tell you–I love it! You would, too! Congrats on all the changes and best of luck with the job search. I hope you find what makes you happy:) xoxoxo
    Melissa recently posted…8 Months Old!My Profile

  5. says

    Kudos to you for making changes for the better. I’ve been needing to but like you I really have no willpower to do it. Maybe I’ll try some baby steps and see if that helps. Since you’re cooking more (my biggest issue) and have any easy and kid friendly recipes please share. I feel like I’m always making the same thing!
    Shannon recently posted…Snow DayMy Profile

  6. Kelster says

    I definitively prefer strength training over cardio. I’m trying to hang onto the fitness wagon too. I’m not doing much but it helps to do something each day so that it becomes a habit.

  7. Tori says

    I’ve actually been sleeping with coconut oil inside of gloves on my hands because I’m freaked out how much they look like my mother’s! But seriously, this 30 ish? Is re-dick-ulous!

  8. says

    Just had to chime in on how much this post resonates with me – not being fat but “not looking as good naked” – ha! Such a good way to put it. Eating better, having no willpower, discovering in the fall that I was incapable of doing one proper situp and only 3 pushups – so embarrassing.
    Then there’s the job indecision. Good luck with that – with our DC traffic the higher salary is not always worth it. . . but I totally feel your pain. Personally I think the lower salary and more flexibility and a good work team is the most positive in the long run, but everyone’s situation is different. If you want to shoot me an email about the type of job you’re looking for and your resume, I can see if there’s anything at my company.
    Have you thought about doing more work as your own business again? I know that takes a ton of business development effort but let me know if you need help getting the word out about that, too. I work completely in small business outreach for my large company.
    Jane @ The Borrowed Abode recently posted…Mean Green Ginger Smoothie RecipeMy Profile

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